Youtube Bumper Ads Explained

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What Are YouTube Bumper Ads?

A YouTube Bumper Ad is used for increasing brand reach and frequency.  They are a six second long video and are available through Google Ads as an add-on to traditional campaigns. They can be played across mobile and desktop patterns. They are advantageous in the way that they can extend the reach of an existing campaign and complement broader messaging.

Why Use Bumper Ads?

Bumper ads are a great way to reach a targeted audience and are a cost effective way. YouTube bumper ads are short in time but however are long in impact.

Examples of Bumper Ads

  • Nescafe– This bumper Ad simple and effective. It shows an invisible clock ticking whilst a coffee shop empties and a jar of coffee appearing when it need to be refilled. The brand name is clearly shown at the end of the video.

  • Pg Tips Green Tea- This bumper ad video is more unusual. It shows a teddy near which would appeal to children and in turn would persuade parents to buy in order to please their children.

How much Do They Cost?

  • YouTube bumper ads are low in cost at a rate of 10-30 cent per view.
  • The cost is dependent on your videos quality, your goal and your targeting
  • Bumper ads use CPM, This is cost per thousand impression. You pay when your video has been viewed at least 1000 times.







Creating a Successful Bumper Ad Tips

  • Attract– You have 6 seconds to make an impact on viewers so it is vital to capture their attention immediately. The use of humour, sound and familiar faces can help in doing this
  • Brand– The brand should be integrated within the ad  in a meaningful way. This is more effective than just using a logo.
  • Connect- Making an emotional connection with viewers helps with creating a high brand awareness and increases views. Emotional connections can be made through humour, suspense, sound or horror


How To Create YouTube Bumper Ads

Follow the instructions on Hootsuiteblog to successfully create a Bumper Ad. Before you set up your YouTube ad campaign, you must upload your ad footage to YouTube. Once this is done sign into your AdWords account and get started.

  1. Click Campaigns on the main toolbar.
  2. Click the +Campaign button , then New campaign.
  3. Select Video as your campaign type.
  4. Establish your campaign goal and subtype.
  5. Name your campaign.
  6. Enter your budget.
  7. Enter the locations and networks where you want your ad to appear, as well as the locations and networks you’d like to exclude.
  8. Enter your target audience’s language.
  9. Name your ad group.
  10. Establish your bid amounts.
  11. Select audiences for targeting.
  12. Select the YouTube video you’ve uploaded for this campaign.
  13. Select your ad format (In-Stream or Discovery).
  14. Click Save and Continue.

For more instructions on how to create bumper ads you can watch this video


Marketing to Digital Tribes

digital tribes

Digital Tribes are becoming a huge thing and this has been particularly evident in the past year! Business’ are now connecting with their customers in different ways thanks to technology. They are developing customer relationships via online. As we are living in a digital age it is important to remain up to date with this online trend in order to survive. The creation of online interest groups and social communities is key. Digital tribes are vital for businesses in order to keeps customers engaged. Businesses and fans set up digital tribes in order to develop long lasting relationships.

Digital Tribes Defined

Digital Tribes are online groups of people that discuss differences of opinions. The business itself is often the creators of these groups. The article  The Emergence of Digital Tribes. offers more information on what exactly digital tribes are. Digital tribe members have common interests, the members are defined by who they hang out with whilst online. They discuss businesses online, Digital Tribes are an environment where people can converse about different brands. Consumers can join and leave groups as they please. Digital tribes often attract attention and a lot of people are part of more than one community of digital tribes. Marketers are challenged by this as they compete to gain the engagement of people.

Characteristics of Digital Tribes

1. Tribal loyalty: Loyalty among members and the area of which they are interested in within a digital tribe is very important. Sports teams such as Manchester United are known for their ever lasting team loyalty. In contrast to this Tribes such as restaurant guides are not that loyal. More loyal tribes tend have a longer life span for the business.

2. Tribal competitive landscape: This refers to similar tribe groups which may have a significant number of the same members. The quality of services offered with a competitive agenda are considered . The greater the propensity towards a free/advertising revenue model, as a unique value proposition will prove difficult to be provided.

3. Tribal wealth: Wealthier tribes have a greater ability to support a pay revenue model. With wealth, opportunities such as attracting new members and expansion of the digital tribe are available.

4. Tribal size: Larger digital tribes are more likely to be targeted to sponsor products and receive free items. Small tribes have to pay in order to target certain markets. The overall size of the tribe is important  in terms of evaluating revenue opportunities.

5. Sharing of functional knowledge: This is a main purpose of a tribe. Whilst Helping each other the tribe becomes stronger and gains more knowledge. For example, on Beauty Users, users can be seen asking questions with others offering advice and opinions.

6. Place of social bonding: Members with similar interests interact with each other and create bonds. A sense of belonging is created among the users. This in turn differentiates them from others outside of the tribe.

7. Creation of collective rules: A set of collective rules are created by the tribe. This enables tribe users to distinguish themselves from non-tribe members.

Examples of Digital Tribes

Beauty Boxx

Beauty Boxx is a digital tribe where members ask questions regarding beauty and fashion. They look for advice and recommendations. They have over 106,000 members at the moment

beauty boxx

5 Top Tips for Improving Your Facebook Page

  1. Ensure your profile picture contains your brand/logo

The profile picture used by Powerscourt Hotel, Resort and Spa clearly identifies the brand name and logo.


The profile picture used by the Europe Hotel and Resort doesn’t show the brand name or logo. This may confuse Facebook users if it appeared as a suggested page.




According to you never get a second chance to make a first impression which is why they suggest your Facebook profile picture is way more important than your cover photo.

For more information on uploading profile pictures and cover photos check out the video below.


2. Relevant Cover Photo

It is vital to have a Facebook cover photo that is relevant and ties in with your brand. The cover photo is the first thing Facebook users will see when they visit your page as it is placed at the top of your page. Your cover photo should match the same color scheme and font type as your branding so users can can clearly identify the brand.

In the brand Oreo, there cover photo clearly displays the brand name, the color scheme associated with them and a picture of their product.






Unlike Oreo, Jacobs do not mention their brand name in their cover photo. They have a an image with a slogan, this is not enough for creating brand awareness


According to you should avoid filling your cover photo with unnecessary text and images, you should always include your brand name and remember the simpler the better.

3. The About section should always be completed

If someone is interested in your business they can look here to find out more. You should include any information that you want the customer to know about in this section.

Reardens Bar in Cork City has filled out any necessary information in their About section. They have clearly listed their location, contact details, opening hours and who they are.

reardons 1




Unlike Reardens, Sportsman’s Arms, another bar in Cork City, have failed to list an email address, website and information about the business



Social Media Examiner claims that it is important that you fill in any available about section as desktop viewers will see portions of the about section under the profile picture on your timeline.

4. Add Pictures to Your Posts

Adding a picture to post is a great way to engage consumers. Personally I am far more inclined to read something if I see it accompanied with an image.

Cadbury rarely post without including an image and as a result always achieve high attention through likes, comments and shares. Cadbury used this creative image in one of their posts.


This was posted around Pancake Tuesday to encourage consumers to buy their product. Here they cleverly show an image of a delicious way to enjoy their product of a Flake bar in a way consumers would not regularly consume it. The image got 27 thousand likes, 6.9 thousand comments and 6,239 shares

According to 26 top tips for better Facebook engagement, adding images certainly boosts attention levels and increases brand awareness

5. Reviews

Businesses should always leave room for reviews on their Facebook page for consumers to review their product. It is important to achieve a high rating in order to attract new customers. When I’m interested in buying either a product or service I always check out other consumers reviews and this always has a huge impact on my decision making!

Burritos ans Blues in Cork city is a very popular Mexican restaurant in Cork City with people frequently queuing out the door.  They have a 4.6 out of 5 rating and lots of great reviews on their page. As a consumer I would be encouraged by this rating to take a visit and see for myself!



Unlike Burrito and Blues, nearby competitor Zambrero has no ratings or reviews yet. This may discourage prospective consumers as they are not willing to take a chance.